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Mary James Helps

Strengthening Families
and Communities

Contact Us

Who We Are

We are a faith based organization that is passionate about helping people. Through our outreach programs and faith-based counseling services, we can build a stronger community. Get in touch with us for more information.

How We Started

The organization was named in honor of the founders mother Mary and father James. In 2000, Mary James Helps started by presenting education classes in prison pre-release, churches, as well as various groups and organizations.

Our organization is expanding to provide material assistance such as limited emergency diapers, food, clothing vouchers, and referrals. Mary James Helps is also broadening the education classes to include different areas, such as:

  • Abuse Prevention and Recognition
  • Basic Life Skills and Food Health
  • Gardening Introduction 
  • Martial Arts Seminar
  • Relationship Building
  • Basic Self-Defense Seminar


Mary James Helps is a faith-based Organization with both biblical instruction, education, and study-based instruction. We do not offer licensed professional counseling. Mary James will refer any and all counseling services needed out to professional counselors. Mary James provides spiritual support and life coaching. All counseling services will be referred over to Professional Counselors Licensed by The State of Ohio or to counseling referral agencies.

Our Mission

The Mission of Mary James is to build stronger communities by building stronger families spiritually mentally and physically.

Connect With Us

NACA is NOT a part of MaryJamesHelps, but a opportunity for Ownership that we are sharing.